Story of a Curious Designer

Hey, this is Kartikay Agarwal I’d like to take you through my journey of designing.Once I entered college, designing wasn’t really my forte. I started studying Mechanical Engineering at VIT, Vellore.

3–4 months down the road I made a poster for my friend, not being Aware of Typography, colour schemes, alignments ; I just altered things to make it look good enough.The poster turned out nicely, this was the beginning of me as an Unskilled Designer.Then I joined the Art Club of my college which helped me broaden my horizon in aspects of Visualisation. How things work? What goes where? How you go for a good colour scheme? And soon branding materials, designs of them started fascinating me. It was around this time my friend introduced me to UI/UX Designing. This was completely new for me, it had no correlation whatsoever to what I was Studying.

As this was uncharted territory for me, I thought it included complicated coding and difficult skills, I said a big ‘NO’. But my friend somehow convinced to me to give this a shot.

Now what to do? How to move ahead with this thing? I had no clue. So like any other confused teenager I started spending my time on Youtube, scouring through articles about UI/UX designing. I gained some insights on how this works. But still nothing fully crossed my mind properly about what this actually is? And this went on for around 6 months, watched hundreds of videos, read articles, followed a number of designers and learnt some bits of UI/UX. This is how I got into this.

Will soon share some good resources to start with and a brief article about UI/UX and what it actually means!



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